Updates for June 1999

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Hey it's finally June....

Anyway today I updated the Alanis news, put a counter on this page, put up a MIDI file of I Want It That Way on the Backstreet Boys & Millennium pages, updated the Backstreet news a little, updated the Push news a little, and finally I put up the lyrics to Larger Than Life (BSB), but they are not 100% accurate...

Can you read this, is the font too small????


Okay today I put up the lyrics to Don't Want You Back (they're correct too!), and I corrected the Larger Than Life lyrics.

BTW the Push Character Page reached 2000 recently.


Okay I made a big step in moving the Push site today. I may have figured out how to get the titles to work (yay!). Anyway I also changed the name from "Push A Little Farther" to "Push A Little Harder", because ...farther is a line from an Alanis song, and ...harder is the actual description of the show *LOL*. Anyway.... So Push A Little Harder should be set up at its new address (http://members.xoom.com/pushabc/).

Also today I added a useless fact, fixed some lyrics to Don't Want You Back (BSB), and as part of the Push move, I updated the links and guestbook signing page. Finally, the Maureen Flannigan picture gallery is at 1200, I don't know how I missed the 1000 point, oh well.


Today I put up a new website of the week, and yesterday the Jaime Pressly Picture Gallery hit 9000!


Okay today I updated the Millennium lyrics a little bit (small corrections), and I put up a RealVideo of the opening credits to Push. I'm still working on the move....


Okay today I made a major step in the Push A Little Harder move, all the titles (should) work now. I'm trying really hard, and it's really frustrating, but I'll get there (*L*). Anyway I also added a quote today, and updated the Dawson's Creek site.

That's it!


Okay today I put up a new site of the week, updated Push A Little Harder a little bit, and updated Thank U Alanis Morissette. Push A Little Harder hit 5000 recently.


Sorry for the lack of updates... two more weeks and I can update endlessly!!!

Anyway today I put up a new site of the week!

Oh and recently the Millennium lyrics page hit 1000


Today I made a few big steps in the moving Push A Little Harder. This resulted in the updating of the following pages, mostly just with links and pictures though: Dawson's Creek, Friends, Links, and Site Map. I also put up the July 1999 Updates page, and hence updated the Site Map again. Finally I updated the Alanis and Backstreet Boys news. That's it!!


Okay today I made a bunch of little updates. On Push A Little Harder I updated the news a little bit. I put a counter on the July updates page. I replaced the webring on The X-Files page, there's a new picture there. I put a new picture up on the Backstreet Boys page. I updated a guest star on the Friends page. And finally I corrected a lyric in IWITW Alternate. Thanx to everyone who has signed my guestbooks recently with some of this information.


Okay the Push A Little Harder move is almost complete!!!! Redirects have been set up on all the original Tripod pages. The site is based entirely on XOOM.com now. I hope things will run smoothly now. Once I am sure that the redirects work, I can remove the extra files from Tripod, allowing for more room for other pictures and things.

Okay on the rest of the site I updated the Credits page a little bit. And fairly recent page landmarks: Backstreet Boys hit 4000, Laurie Fortier Picture Gallery hit 1000, and (Amazing!), the Jaime Pressly Picture Gallery is now at 10,000!!!

I'm quite proud, the first five-digit hit count!!


Okay a bunch of updates today... But first on an interesting site note-- one month to my site's one-year anniversary!! Well one month and two days...

Five servers later and still going strong!!

Okay today I updated the Alanis news, discography, and in honor of the upcoming single, I polished up the So Pure lyrics.I also added a couple of Quptes on the Quotes page. I fixed a redirect on the Push Character page, that works now. I removed the banners of the no-longer-existant FrackAngel's Nick Carter World from the Backstreet Boys page. Finally I put the July updates page on the main updates page, and I made some corrections on the August 1998 update page (yes August '98 *L*)

And the Backstreet Boys lyrics page recently hit 2000!!


I got a lot accomplished today! Yay! Anyway look forward (in the very near future) to an Alanis RealAudio of the week or month (I haven't decided yet).

Anyway on Push A Little Harder today, I turned the Jaime Pressly and Audrey Wasilewski picture galleries into thumbnail galleries. I will soon be making them all thumbnail galleries. And as I do that, I am also adding a picture from the opening credits of the show. So the Audrey Wasilewski and Jaime Pressly ones are there now.

I added a picture on the Dawson's Creek page. I added 9 stills from the I'll Never Break Your Heart (v.2) video on the Backstreet Boys and Bacsktreet Boys lyrics pages. I also moved the I Want It That Way pics to the Millennium page. Finally I put up a picture of the back of Fate Stay With Me on that page, as well as fixing those lyrics. And I fixed the lyrics to Big Bad Love on the Now Is The Time lyrics page.


I told you I'd update more in the summer!! Anyway today I updated Push A Little Harder a little... some news, re-arranged all the stuff at the top. I updated the Backstreet Boys news too.

Finally, I put up a RealAudio file of the week on Thank U Alanis Morissette. This week's RealAudio is So Pure. I hope to have a new one each week, but this may not be practical.


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